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If Brawl Stars cheats is still only available in Canada, the new mobile game Supercell, the studio behind Clash Royale and Clash of Clans , offers its first update.

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A key, a new Brawler named Piper. This is a nice lady with an umbrella and a blonde wig.

Its uniqueness proves to be the Para Strike that allows him to take on his opponents from afar. And the more you’ll be away from your target, the more damage will be generated important . Suffice to say that with such a mate in your team, you start with an advantage … if the master. In addition, it can count on Poppin, an ability that allows him to fly while dropping bombs in its path.

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It will be lucky to unlock it since it is an epic rarity.

– You can play alone or with friends (but still each team)

– There is a ladder a ladder for the competitive side.

– Each brawler has a special skill, like a bear with a lot of points, an automatic turret, big fire arms that push the opponents, or TP to reposition itself on the map.

– The ultimate is released by touching an enemy.

– The skins will be purchasable

– Life regenerates out of combat.

– The controls will be configurable in the options

– The Smash & Grab mode has a time of 16 seconds begins when a team has 10 gems. If they can keep them to the end they won the game. If someone dies and loses its gems, the clock stops.

– There are bushes on the map to hide