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Homescapes Cheats & Guide

When you’re not playing the match-3 levels and winning stars, you can spend those stars to finish house-related errands with Austin. Tap the base left checkmark menu to open your tablet and see your To-Do List. As the story advances, you’ll have different assignments on this rundown, some of which cost a larger number of stars than others. You never need to finish an undertaking to open new astound stages, yet completing a day—indicated by the level of assignments you’ve finished at the highest point of this tab—will grant you extra prizes like coins and catalyst Boosters.

Not at all like in Homescapes Hack , you don’t recoup your stamina by finishing a day, so there’s no motivation to hold off on doing as such. There’s additionally at present no day by day wheel for winning rewards, so these finish of day rewards are exceptionally significant. Coins are as yet passed out in exceptionally constrained amounts toward the finish of stages—you’ll once in a while procure more than 70 coins for even a decent diversion—so we suggest sparing your cash unless there’s a phase you’re just tired of endeavoring.



You can backpedal and alter any furniture or enhancements you’ve settled and change the style to one of alternate alternatives, in spite of the fact that you’ll need to pay a little measure of coins to open different styles. Basically tap and hang on the thing you need to change until the point that the style menu flies up. While this menu is up, you can tap some other editable articles to transform them also.

You can change your name or any creatures’ names by tapping the apparatus symbol in the upper right and choosing “Change Name.”

Tapping objects all through the manor will inspire a reaction from Austin: he’ll regularly have some analysis to share or he’ll effectively draw in with the furniture, such as sitting in a seat or tidying a rack.